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Thank you

Credits and Acknowledgements


There's so many people I would like to specifically thank; without them this album wouldn't have happened at all. There was no space in the CD insert, so I created a page here to list every one of them.


First, Zin, my co-producer, arranger and main mixer for the album. Thanks for making my songs sound nice. Really appreciate your advice and guidance throughout the entire journey of this EP. I will work harder on my vocals so that you won't vomit blood the next time we record! Haha..

Thank you Alex and Lynn, for your wonderful lyrics. Without you both, I won't even have any songs.

Thank you Yumemi for the collaboration on <Mother>. And yes, I can't wait for you to sing on the chinese version too.

Thank you Adrian and Billy, for your expertise and patience during recording.

Thank you Naomi, for making me look nice on the album. It was a priviledge to be able to work with you before you left for UK.

Thank you Elaine, for the artwork. Your fonts make all the difference ;)

Thank you Ben, for the legal advice, and your cosmic support over the years.


Lastly, would like to thank my family and friends who have cheered me on. Love you all!

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