Why I put up this album.

Finally, after more than a year of preparation, my new EP is launched in April 2015. Throughout the production of this album, there were many challenges, and often I would question myself why I'm putting this album out. The only reason that kept me pushing on was the hope that a certain little girl would be able to hear this song, 勇敢的淚.

勇敢的淚 is about the story of a little girl who is torn between her split parents who are fighting over her custody. This song is simply to tell her that no matter what happens, it is not her fault, and I hope that she will be brave, because it is something that she will only come to fully understand when she grows up.

So I really hope that you could help me acheive my wish. Please share this song with everyone you know, and hopefully, she will get to hear it one day too.

Love and peace.


Brave tears album cover.JPG

勇敢的淚 作曲:Emily 侯君秀 作詞:Emily 侯君秀/ Lynn Lee

明亮的眼睛 冰雪的小聰明 看不透也 想不通 的問題 模糊的回憶 怎麼記都傷心 誰說誰聽其實也沒關系​

在風雨裡期待天晴 承受她不應該承受的 說服自己 不再哭泣 眼淚 卻掉了

寶貝​勇敢的淚透明 濕了眼卻看得更清晰 也許有些不明白的事就讓時間証明 別怕​噩夢結局裡有天使喚醒 要相信​要堅定​錯的壞的不是你 寶貝 勇敢的淚透明 藏不了妳美麗的笑容 ​留下昨天才能夠期待更遼闊的天空 他會懂 要怎麼愛你才算是溫柔 Oh baby you'll be free

世界的風景 可愛善良的妳 別問別聽有些事沒關系

在風雨裡期待天晴 放開早就應該放手的 告訴自己不用哭泣 原諒 就好了​

寶貝​勇敢的淚透明 濕了眼卻看得更清晰 上帝​都會給​祂愛的人多點經歷學習 別怕​噩夢結局裡有天使喚醒 要相信​要堅定​錯的壞的不是你 寶貝 勇敢的淚透明 藏不了妳美麗的笑容 ​留下昨天才能夠期待更遼闊的天空 她會懂 要怎麼愛你才算是溫柔 Oh baby you'll be free

寶貝​勇敢的淚透明 濕了眼卻看得更清晰 就算成了最愛的人之間戰爭的兵器 別怕​噩夢結局裡有天使喚醒 要相信​要堅定​錯的壞的不是你 寶貝 勇敢的淚透明 掩蓋不了妳堅強的夢 ​再多難關也敢去闖就能看得見彩虹 妳會懂 要怎麼愛自己 別太溫柔 Oh baby you'll be free

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