Vocal recording and photo shoot in KL

Was in KL for the past few days to record the song Brave Tears <勇敢的淚>, which is also the title of my new EP. Was pretty nervous, since it was my first time stepping into a studio of this size. Struggled quite a bit during the recording too. I must admit, I definitely prefer writing to singing. But because these are songs that that are quite close to heart, and due to its theme and lyrics, it would be quite difficult to sell them to another artist anyway. The conclusion? Sing myself lor. Haha.. if not they would never see the light of day, and remain merely as tunes either in my mind or stored silently in my hard disk.


Other than recording, I also took the opportunity to conduct a photo shoot in KL. Thanks to a good friend Naomi, an award winning photographer in Malaysia, who managed to make me look nicer in pictures. Hahahaha… It was a typical hot day in KL, and I remember distinctly how it felt melting in my makeup when we spotted a random bush of bougainvillea by the road and decided to park by the side of the road and use that bush as my photo backdrop. After we were done at the bush, we proceeded to the beach. It was a very interesting place. I never knew that KL had such a beach. Dried, half-rotten tree branches and roots everywhere crawling towards the sky. Let’s just say I was glad my photo shoot there was done during the day. It would have probably been rather creepy at night. But that setting was perfect for the album. There was something about those weather beaten thirsty trees that reflected the brittle strength and resistance against the odds. It may look like a despairing situation, but we all can have hope, can’t we? Coz without hope, we would have nothing.

EMILY HAW 3_flip.png


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