Attending Music Matters Academy 2014

Throughout the entire 2014 Music Matters conference, one event that was quite memorable was the Music Matters Academy exclusively for SGMUSO members. Some on the panel noted that there was an increasing support for local musicians and bands. As Sara Wee from 53A claimed, “Now we have people asking us to sing covers of Sam Willows or Charlie Lim – that never happened five years ago!”


It’s definitely very encouraging to know. I’ve been writing for my new album for some time now, and I’ve always had a nagging feeling at the back of my head which stems mainly from my own insecurities – will anyone be willing to listen to my tunes? So attending the talk gave me a bit of confidence. I just have to ensure that I do the best I can. Whatever the response after that is out of my hands, but at least I’ll have no regrets.

During the session, I also got to meet many new friends, including Jesse from The Bonez and his manager Mr Cozy. As it turned out, it was through Mr Cozy that I came to know of Yumemi Ikeda, whom I collaborated with on the song, <Mother>, and was eventually included in my new EP. Come to think of it, it’s pretty amazing how things turned out. I am glad that I attended the Music Matters Academy event that early Saturday morning.

Original photos and Instagram posts by Ben (Cosmic Armchair).



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