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勇敢的淚 Emily 侯君秀
Emily 侯君秀 Singapore independent Chinese singer songwriter

About Emily


Emily is a singer-songwriter from Singapore whose style varies from Chinese electronic pop to easy listening. Also a free lance voice actress, she has acted, written and sung on the opening and ending songs of the Japanese-Singapore web-based animation series, Gacha Gacha, titled "Mirai (The Future)" and "Tomodachi (Friend)" respectively. 


In 2012, Emily released the Chinese mini series, "Waiting", in a photo-audio format, for which she has written the OP "Waiting" and ED "Time Travel". She is also the creator, director, producer and co-writer of the series.


This year, Emily will release her debut EP, Brave Tears. Consisting of four new tracks, the EP also features <MOTHER>, a collaboration between Japanese singer-songwriter Yumemi, released on Mother's Day.


Emily 侯君秀,新加坡獨立音樂創作人. 她同時也是自由職業聲優,創作及演唱了日新合作的網絡動漫, がちゃ、がちゃGacha Gacha, 曲目:“未來” 《Mirai》 與“友達”《Tomodachi》,2008年 在Singapore Toy & Comic Convention 及 Singapore Cosfest 台上熱烈演出。


在2012年,Emily發行一部網絡劇《等》, 並創作了同名片頭曲 《等》 和片尾曲《時間旅行》。她也是這部劇的創作者,導演及製作者。



For full press release, download here.

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